4 Advantages of Local Computer Repair in Winnipeg

February 9, 2018 admin

Computer repair in Winnipeg is a pretty common need for businesses and personal devices alike, as we have become reliant on high-performing technology for many of our work-based and entertainment needs. Whether you’ve got a small glitch that you want to catch early, or your machine has broken down and you’re not sure howto get it back up and running, calling expert computer repair in Winnipeg is a great place to start. Fast, professional, and close by, your local IT Core service will get everything in order as fast as possible.

Convenient Service

Convenience is one of the main factors to consider when choosing a computer repair service in Winnipeg. At IT Core, many of our services are call out, meaning we’ll come directly to your door and take a look at your device without you having to pack it up and transport it. Make sure to mention if the repair is urgent, as we always aim to provide repairs in a timeframe that suits you. From there, the diagnosis and estimate of how much the fix will cost can be assessed, along with any more information our resident computer experts may have about the problem.

Wide Range of Expertise

Whether it’s a hardware or a software problem, professional computer repair in Winnipeg can tackle it. Our experts have years of experience working with office networks, data backup, storage, and virus removal, as well as remedying issues with essential hardware, such as printers and fax machines. This kind of skillset is invaluable in helping customers understand their technology better, so choosing local computer repair has many long-term benefits for clients in Winnipeg.

Flexibility of Location

IT Core is based in a number of different areas around Western Canada, so businesses with more than one office can be assured of flexible service that meetsyour needs in a number of locations. With offices situated in Calgary, Saskatoon, Edmonton, Lower Mainland Vancouver and, of course, Winnipeg, the ability to find local computer repair experts is made much easier, more convenient, and more cohesive than ever.

Easy to Contact

Getting in touch with your repair service is simple, just call 1-866-561-4394 to get immediate dispatch for your IT problem. Alternatively, for less urgent enquiries, fill out a form and IT Core will get back to you swiftly via phone or email – simply specify how you would like to be contacted.

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