5 Things Your IT Support in Vancouver Should Have

February 2, 2018 admin

Picking the right company to provide IT support in Vancouver to your business isn’t always easy, but there are things that you can do to make it a simpler and more straightforward choice. Read on for a list of 5points you should take into account before deciding on the right IT support service for you.

Experience in your area

Vancouver is thriving place for small and large businesses alike, and different sizes and industries make for distinctive needs. Make sure when choosing a company to install, fix, and regulate your IT systems that they have the experience and the capacity to do so. Finding out about their other clients is a great way to size up their skills and background to date, and giving them your queries straight out will answer any further questions you have.

Good value

Aiming to hire a business that provides good value on your IT support needs is essential for a long-term business relationship, where there is a lot of competition. The value of the service you’ve employed should always be justified, so take into account the expertise, manner, and convenience of the support that’s being provided when assessing the overall standard of work.

Plenty of expertise

A breadth of knowledge in all areas, from information protection to hardware installation is ideal when you’re hiring IT support for your Vancouver office. No matter what your company’s size, when you hire an IT service that has expertise in the areas most important to you, they will be able to approach large-scale projects like implementing a network, or upgrading your software, along with smaller fixes and bugs, with enough know-how to swiftly apply their skills.

The right qualifications

Check in with your IT support service about the kind of accreditations they have, as this will give a strong indicator of professional proficiency. High profile qualifications like those awarded by Microsoft are not easy to achieve, so having those is a great barometer for detecting how dedicated they are to providing the best service.

A convenient location

The last item on the list to look out for is arguably even more important than some previous points: location, location, location. Hiring a local service for IT support means that when you have a problem, a call out is just a short time away. With locations in many of Canada’s thriving commercial hubs, IT Core could be just a phone call away for you.

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