Things to Try Before Calling Computer Repair in Winnipeg

January 9, 2018 admin

We usually advise calling computer repair experts in Winnipeg if you’re in doubt about issues with your device. That acknowledged, sometimes the issue your computer is having doesn’t need professional repair, and can be sorted by just following a few steps to diagnose and fix the problem yourself. In this post we run you through 3 of the top incidences where doing a few preliminary checks might save you some time and cash in Winnipeg.

1. Scan for viruses

If your computer has suddenly started to slow down, and you’ve begun to think about computer repair in Winnipeg, the problem may be that it has been infected with a virus. This is less likely to happen on a Mac computer than on a Windows-operated one, although viruses have been known to cause trouble on these devices too. Choose a high-quality virus scan to run on your computer, and it will identify any malware problems while giving you tips and suggestions on how to eliminate them. If the issue persists or you don’t have the time to fix it yourself, get in contact with your computer repair service in Winnipeg to solve it for you.

2. Clear some space

Over time, devices can become sluggish due to the amount of information saved and downloaded. This can be in the form of bulky files and applications, which will affect the speed of your computer’s performance overall. First, check to see how much memory is available on your computer; if space is running low, you may have identified the problem. Your next step is to get rid of the largest and least important space-occupying entities from your computer. If you don’t want to lose any information, source an external hard drive to transfer to and store what you want to keep.

3. Update your computer software

Many software updates are run automatically these days, so this may not be the issue, but it’s worth a try if you’re finding glitches and buggy behaviour on your desktop or laptop. Windows and Mac operating systems that are in need of software patches, but aren’t getting them can seem temperamental, so by checking the update settings on Windows and launching the App Store on Mac, you’ll be able to implement any pending updates. Don’t forget other applications, such as your antivirus software and browser, as keeping these up to date will help your device run smoothly, possibly preventing the need for computer repair in Winnipeg down the road.

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