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About us

It all began with a fax list!
I was covering as a novell administrator for another gentleman who was on leave with cancer, thankfully he made it back.
I was out of work!
That evening while looking for opportunities on the internet I stumbled upon a fax list. About 16,000 fax numbers in the Calgary area.
Not knowing how up to date the list was, my wife & I called every number on that list, if someone answered that number was scratched! Got a fax squeal, that number was good.
What we ended up with was aprox. 8000 good fax numbers.
We sent on average 200 faxes a day. That was the beginning of IT Core Canada.

Since that time in 2001 IT Core technicians have crisscrossed the prairies in all seasons & all conditions. Delivering solutions for roll outs, reconfigurations, migrations and everyday support.