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Computer Repair


It is critical to business operations to have reliable, well-functioning desktop hardware. When a computer fails, or several computers become inefficient and unreliable, it can cause major disruptions to the flow of business processes.

At IT Core, we provide complete desktop hardware service, to diagnose and repair issues, as well as upgrade equipment as necessary, to support new business requirements. Our services include:

  • Troubleshooting and analysis
  • Cleaning
  • Complete refurbishment
  • Replacement of broken components
  • Upgrades of boards, memory, and processors
  • Electronics repair

Desktop Repair & Refurbishment

Our expert technicians thoroughly inspect and diagnose the problems with defective assets, to determine what is causing the current issues, as well as to proactively maintain and improve the units to prolong their usable lifespan. Often, repair and refurbishment can enable a defective asset to be returned to service, rather than needing to be replaced. Regular maintenance, such as cleaning and inspection can prevent problems from developing in the first place. This ultimately leads to less downtime and reduced costs for the business.

Desktop computers are still the backbone of most business environments, so it is crucial to ensure that they function reliably, and that, in the event of a failure, timely diagnosis and repair can be undertaken. This is where IT Core can support your business to keep your desktop equipment running smoothly. We provide computer repair services across Western Canada, in BC, Alberta, Saskatchewan, and Manitoba. Contact us today for computer repair and maintenance services to maintain, repair and upgrade your desktop assets.