Desktop Repair& Refurbishment

Vancouver Desktop Rollouts & Migrations


Desktop migration and hardware rollout can be challenging and time consuming, but a smooth process is critical to business operations. Whether your in-house IT team is too busy to efficiently handle a new migration and rollout, while also managing required everyday operations, or you don’t maintain an in-house technical team, IT Core is the solution for a seamless rollout in a timely manner.

Desktop Migration and Updates

We can help your business bring your outdated and inefficient desktop environment up to date, increasing productivity and improving processes, through hardware and software upgrades, as well as desktop virtualization. We have the training and expertise to implement a variety of desktop platforms, including HP, IBM, Dell, Lenovo, and Apple hardware solutions. We also manage peripherals, such as printers, portable scanners, and external storage devices.

Our expert team handles everything from single terminal implementations, to large multi-user installations, numbering in the thousands, for desktop, laptop, or terminal platforms. It is important to ensure that the technology suits the business needs and user preferences, so we consult with our clients to understand these requirements and assist with the planning, as well as the implementation.

IT Core has diverse experience across many industries, and our technical team has the talent and knowledge base to ensure proficiency, regardless of the unique situation. Of primary concern are the end users, and their experience with the new technology. Considering their priorities during rollout is the key to user buy-in and project success.

Desktop Repair Services

It is inevitable that IT equipment sometimes breaks, or fails. When that happens, it can cause significant disruption to business operations and must be repaired quickly, particularly if it is a system failure. IT Core offers timely and professional desktop repair in Winnipeg. We can diagnose a problem, whether it affects a single user terminal or many, and efficiently makethe required desktop repairs.

With teams across Western Canada, IT Core can be on site to help you anywhere in BC, Alberta, Saskatchewan, and Manitoba. Call us today, to discuss your needs for desktop rollout and migrations, or desktop repair in Vancouver.