Managed Services

Managed Service Vancouver


Designing and implementing a technical communications system, including hardware rollout, software implementation and configuration, network connectivity, wireless set up and configuration, requires significant research, analysis, and time, as well as a level of technical expertise.

Maintaining the systems over time, ensuring that hardware is inspected, maintained, and upgraded, and that software, networks, and antivirus and spam detection systems are kept up to date, is also crucial to ensure continuous, reliable operation and a longer lifespan for equipment and components.

For many small to medium sized businesses, it is challenging and costly to handle all of these critical responsibilities in-house. Often, a more efficient and effective option is to engage managed services to handle all technical communications implementation, maintenance, and support tasks. There are several advantages to this approach.

Advantages of Managed Services

  1. Frees up your personnel from IT duties
  2. Allows the company to focus on its core business
  3. Allows for fixed costs when budgeting
  4. IT knowledge is retained as personnel turnover, as it is documented outside of the company
  5. Your company also benefits from the experience gained from other companies

IT Core offers complete Managed Services across Western Canada, with technical teams in BC, Alberta, Saskatchewan, and Manitoba, as well as online remote technical support. Call us today to discuss your technical communications systems requirements and how we can support your company’s technical operations with our managed services.