Structured Cabling Services

Structured Cabling Services


It is critical that your telecommunications infrastructure meets your organization’s needs today, as well as being able to the meet potential future demands. Structured cabling provides the framework for your communication system, enabling and managing on-site connectivity for your enterprise.

At IT Core, we design, construct, and install complex network communication systems with the goal of creating flexible network infrastructures that can be managed and modified as technology requirements change. We deliver robust information technology communication solutions to support and integrate all forms of communication, including data, voice, video, and security.

Structured cabling systems provide significant technological and business advantages, allowing your business to adapt to growth and change easily, while minimizing expense, by adding, replacing, or moving only the relevant part of your network, to meet new requirements and updates in technology. The result is a future-proofed system that limits downtime and disruption when changes are required.

Our structured cabling solutions include:

  • Cat 5e
  • Cat 6
  • Coaxial Cable
  • Fibre Optic
  • Cable Management
  • Racks & Enclosures
  • Wireless Networks

Structured Cabling Installation

IT Core has earned a reputation as a leading provider of structured cabling systems in Western Canada. Our skilled teams of technicians provide quality solutions, expert structured cabling installation, and outstanding service in BC, Alberta, Saskatchewan, and Manitoba.

Our experienced design teams are trained, accredited, and up to date on the latest communications technology systems and standards. Our structured cabling installation teams follow industry best practices and our own professional standards for quality work and impeccable service.

At IT Core, we handle small projects with limited requirements, to large, enterprise solutions for multiple business locations. Our Western Canada teams coordinate to ensure that the same high standard and consistency of implementation is carried out across locations, for a seamless, professional structured cabling system for your entire organization.

Whatever your industry, or business scope, we will develop and install a communication infrastructure that will give your business a competitive edge now, and in the future. Call IT Core today for complete structured cabling services.