Who We Are

It all began with a fax list!

One evening, while looking for opportunities on the internet, I stumbled upon a fax list, with about 16,000 fax numbers in the Calgary area. Not knowing how up-to-date the list was, my wife & I called every number on that list, if someone answered, that number was scratched! If we got a fax squeal, that number was good.

What we ended up with was approximately 8000 good fax numbers. We sent, on average, 200 faxes per day. That was the beginning of IT Core Canada. Since that time in 2001, IT Core technicians have crisscrossed the prairies, in all seasons & all conditions, delivering solutions for roll outs, reconfigurations, migrations, and everyday technical support.

Communications Technology Solutions

Our array of services is diverse, and our quality service is superior. We understand that the best solutions do not just address current requirements, but are scalable and flexible, to meet changing needs as technology and business processes develop over time. With that in mind, we consult with our clients to develop a communications technology infrastructure and plan that will meet their needs now, and in the future. We offer deployments, desktop rollouts and migrations, structured cabling, managed service, computer repair, and antivirus and spam detection.

Technical Services and Support

Our service area covers all of Western Canada, including British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba, and we have technical teams in multiple locations so that we are always at the ready, no matter where your business is located. Many of our clients have several regional locations, and with IT Core, they know they can trust that every location will receive the same outstanding level of service, and a consistent delivery of solutions across locations.

We also offer remote technical support, so troubleshooting can be provided promptly, to any location, without delay, through our online remote support and collaboration portal. We are never more than a few clicks away!

We take pride in our reputation for providing the highest quality service and support, and we work hard to ensure that we always maintain that same level of quality. Our clients know they can count on us to fully address their needs and issues, whether they need a single terminal installation or repair, or a comprehensive new hardware and software system to replace outdated technology and improve efficiency.

Whatever your technical services requirements, IT Core is your solution.

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